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The highest peak of the Austrian Alps - 3798 m. Photo 1, Photo 4.

Lucknerhaus - Stüdlhütte
Grossglockner GPS data


See Prague - Matrei a Matrei - LucknerhausGPS (in Czech).


LucknerhausGPS 1920 m

Phone +43 4876 8555. Photo 2.

There are two big free parking places. We usually sleep there.

LucknerhausGPS - StüdlhütteGPS

Distance - 5,3 km. Superelevation 890 m.


Up: signpost at LucknerhausGPS 3:15, our time 2-2:30 (2003 and 2009). To LucknerhütteGPS (2241 m) 45-50 min.

Down: signpost at StüdlhütteGPS 2:30, our time 1:20 (2009, we hurried because the ascent and departure to Prague was on the same day).

StüdlhütteGPS 2802 m

Photo 3, Photo 24

elevation2802 m
coordinates N47.05475 E12.6810329
cell phone signalmay be poor inside, goog outside
drinking waterfree
hot wateryes
toiletflushdown, only 4 places
slippersenough for everybody
hut sackrequested but not enforced


There are no small rooms, only rooms of matrazenlager-type.

Half board - the meal is very good. Breakfast and dinner have self-service. The earliest offered time for breakfast was 5:00. This is ment as crew-assisted breakfast. When we asked earlier time, they prepared termoses with hot water and full breakfast in the evening. For dinner (evening meal) you serve yourself with the soop  or the crew helps you. Than have to pick up the main dish from the menu on blackboard. Other components - salad, dessert, fruits, etc - are recorded by the crew and billed separately. Which is unusual for half board.

The main entrance have self-closing door with very heavy spring (or whatever it is). It represents screening mechanism which prevents poorely prepared alpinists to leave for difficult ascent. It is also important to wisely economize you energy during ascent to be able to come back.



Normal route (as part of the Hoch Tirol route - in Czech, in descent after climbing Pallavicini gully, Stüdlgrat and Northwest ridge - see below)

Pallavicinni gully (photos from unsuccessful atempt in June 2001, successful ascent in September 2001 - only description of historical ascent, all in Czech)

Southwest ridge (Stüdlgrat) (description of the route, photos, in Czech)

Northwest ridge (detailed description of the route, schemes, photos, in English)



Grossglockner GPS data


Image 1. GPS tracks and waypoints. Projection into Garmin vector map Austria Topo.


Blue line - GrossglocknerGPS normal route, azure line - ascent to GrossglocknerGPS from Pasterzenboden, violet line - Stüdlgrat, red line - Northwest ridge, green line - ascent to StüdlhütteGPS from LucknerhausGPS.


Image 2. GPS tracks and waypoints. Projection into Alpenverein Map.

AV Karten

Show waypoints Hide waypoints - F5


The same color coding: blue line - GrossglocknerGPS normal route, azure line - ascent to GrossglocknerGPS from Pasterzenboden, first violet line - Stüdlgrat, red line - Northwest ridge, second short violet line - firn I-gully to GrögerschneideGPS, short yellow line - bypass of the Lower NW ridge - over the right arm of the Y-gully. See Image 3.


Image 3. Firn gullys in the south face of the Lower NW ridge. Satellite image from Google.


This face is described in End-Peterka guide. But - in our opinion - none of the formation mentioned (Draschrinne, Grögerrinne or indentations of the Lower Glockner SaddleGPS) is exactly defined and we use own words. The left gully has shape of the letter Y. The place marked "neck" may not have snow and than it is more difficult or requires protection. Left arm goes to Lower Glockner SaddleGPS (Untere Glocknerscharte, red line). It is reasonable to give some simple name to the Y-gully with its left arm and South gully (Südrinne) will do the job. The Lower Glockner SaddleGPS has three indentations. End-Peterka is probably considering No 1 and No 3 as right and left (No 3 is however clearly higher so only No 1 is true saddle). Lower NW Ridge beginns in the right indentationGPS (No 1, first bolt). It is easy to traverse from 2 to 1 (own experience).  The right - more horizontal - arm enables firn acces to the saddle between TeufelshornGPS and GlocknerhornGPS (yellow line, own previous experience, Photo 12). It is also considered to be bypass to the Lower NW ridge and access to the Upper NW ridge. In that case it crosses rock band coming south from GlocknerhornGPS and reaches GrögerschneideGPS (difficulties?, End-Peterka warns against traversing GlocknerhornGPS from south but it may be different level). I-shaped gully represents another way how to get to GrögerschneideGPS. The ascent however for some (probably good) reason leaves I-gully and crosses vertically to the right arm of the Y-gully. We don't know where exactly is this connection. We placed this track into small firn band visible on satellite view. It can be more to the left in the rock according to the picture in End-Peterka. This place is not visible from access route on Teischnitzkees nor from the level of the BergschrundGPS. See also Photo 4 and Image 4.


Image 4. Satellite view from Live Map.


Live map has different and more snowy satellite view than Google. Firn connection between I-gully and right arm of the Y-gully is better visible. It also displays better the place on the Upper NW ridge marked "rib". Traversing GrögerschneideGPS is easy horizontal two-pitch walk on the firn. The third pitch is steep and firn ends where small rib connects to the NW ridge from the north (Photo 13). GrossglocknerGPS on the Live map (zoom to get the same magnification).


Image 5. GPS tracks and waypoints on the NW ridge. Projection into Google sattelite view.

NW ridge

The BergschrundGPS may not be easy to cross. We used the place where it is filled-up with the snow falling from I-gully (Photo 7). Similar place was more to the left below the Y-gully.


Track list.

Name in GPSdescriptionkmcoloursource
Fr-Jos-HausFr-Jos-HausGPS - GrossglocknerGPS8,
I-gullyBergschrundGPS - saddle between TeufelshornGPS and GlocknerhornGPS0,3violetGoogle Maps
NormalRouteStudlhutteGPS - GrossglocknerGPS4,1bluerecorded
NWRidgeStudlhutteGPS - GrossglocknerGPS over Northwest ridge3,4redrecorded
RarmSudrinne - saddle between TeufelshornGPS and GlocknerhornGPS0,2yellowGoogle Maps
StudlgratStudlhutteGPS - GrossglocknerGPS over Stüdlgrat2,
StudlhutteLucknerhausGPS - StudlhutteGPS5,3greenrecorded


NameElevationLatidude LongitudeName for GPSSource
Bergschrund3350N47.07518 E12.688721BERGSChrundmeasured
Brennkogel3018N47.09767 E12.82031BRENNKogel
Eiskögele3436N47.0998579 E12.6569139EISKOgele
Erzherzog-Johann Hütte3454N47.070025 E12.701544ERZHJHutteGoogle Maps
Fliegerhorn2744N47.03074 E12.67475FLIEGHorn
Freiwandspitze3034N47.04199 E12.68211FREIWSpitze
Franz-Josefs-Haus2450N47.073532 E12.756103FRJOSHausGoogle Maps
glacier3040N47.0619 E12.682536TEISKEesmeasured
Glockner Biwakschachtel3260N47.082649 E12.694356GLBIWSchachtelGoogle Maps
Gleiwitzer Hütte2174N47.2182 E12.76905GLEIWHUTTE
Glocknerhaus2132N47.0696389 E12.7688052GLOCKHaus
Glocknerhorn3682N47.0767004 E12.6916438GLOCKHornmeasured
Glocknerwand3721N47.0798303 E12.6866144GLOCKWand
Glorerhütte2642N47.0310126 E12.7154839GLOREHutte
Gramuesattel3220N47.075818 E12.673132GramuSattel
Grosser Baerenkopf3406N47.13108 E12.73119GRBARKopf
Grögerschneide3660N47.0763766 E12.6917833GROEGSchneide
Grossglockner3798N47.0745334 E12.6939531GROSSGloknermeasured
Gruberschartenbiwak3100N47.13805 E12.73318GRSCBWak
Hofmannshütte2444N47.0859 E12.738HOFMNHutte
Hohe Riffl3346N47.1228 E12.66616HORIFL
Johannisberg3463N47.10932 E12.67329JOHANBerg
Kals-Matreier-Törl-Haus1755N47.07061 E12.62389KALSMHaus
Klein Glockner3783N47.07418 E12.69487KLEINGlockner
Krefelder Hütte2295N47.21186 E12.69662KREFEHutte
Kaiser Tauernhaus1755N47.07056 E12.62389KSRTAHaus
Lucknerhaus1920N47.020805 E12.687924LUCKHSGoogle Maps
Lucknerhütte2241N47.039626 E12.690494LUCKHTGoogle Maps
Luisenkopf3207N47.0656389 E12.6861104LUISEKopf
Luisenscharte3175N47.0678691 E12.6869193LUISEScharte
Mitlere Barenkopf3357N47.12414 E12.71178MIBARKopf
Oberwaldehütte3260N47.105317 E12.715618OBEWDHutte
Obere Oedenwinkelscharte3221N47.11557 E12.66712OOdewScharte
Romariswandkopf3460N47.0920706 E12.6680125ROMWNKopf
Romariswandsattel3428N47.0910277 E12.6743074ROMWNSattel
Salmhütte2644N47.047 E12.72065SALMHutte
Schere3037N47.0604716 E12.6836858SCHERE
Schneewinkelscharte3413N47.09378 E12.66504SchnWScharte
Schwarzenberghütte2267N47.135547 E12.764263SCHWBHutte
Stüdlhütte2801N47.054822 E12.68106STUDLHutteGoogle Maps
Teufelshorn3680N47.07665 E12.69106TEUFEHornmeasured
Untere Glocknerscharte3598N47.07725 E12.68942UnGlSchartemeasured
Wiesbachhorn3564N47.15667 E12.75494WIESBHorn

Click on coordinates to see position in Google Maps. Coordinates have format of Garmin desktop application Mapsource (in decimal degrees). You can directly copy and paste data into waypoint properties window. All data, including tracks, can be however downloaded as a single file (see below). "Measured" means our recording. =

GPS data download

All data contain 43 waypoints and 7 tracks.


Recorded tracks are often edited - obvious mistakes in measurement (jumps), lumps at the sites of stops etc. are removed.  Tracks are also sometimes combined from pieces from other tracks - e. g. to pick just one recording for section covered by more tracks or to create track with desired course.


Consider that your GPS may not be able to absorb all this data. Each devise has its own limitation for number of waypoints, tracks and number of points in track (in eTrex Vista - 500 waypoints, 20 tracks and 500 points/track). You can join the tracks together to decrease their number. Process called filtering helps to decrease the number of points in track.


The file contains two files, both in gpx format. The first file contains all data with waypoint names shortened for GPS, the second file has waypoints with full names.


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